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Hyderabad’s leading modelling agency, CMOF Global doesn’t limit and restrict aspirants to modelling. Having transformed over 2400 models into models and actors, it also helps these models discover their talent and find the right medium to broadcast it. Models are given the opportunity to participate in auditions for cover songs, short films, demo films, documentaries, web series, feature films and several other mediums of entertainment. With this intention, CMOF Global had conducted an audition for models to try their hand at acting.


As a result of this audition, 4 kids were selected to feature in this cover song of Neeli Neeli Aakasam. This Video is a Cover Song of Anchor Pradeep’s Neeli Neeli Aakasam Video. These CMOF Global kids were given the exciting opportunity to act in this video Cover Song that is produced by Sarakadam Stories. Production house, Sarakadam Stories has produced this cover song where 4 kids played the parts of the leading pairs in the song.

The brain behind the concept and shoot of this song belongs to Srinivas Sarakadam. It is due to his uninterrupted efforts and support that this video was successfully shot. He planned this entire shoot and came up with the idea of introducing kids as actors in the video. It was his idea to introduce a platform for models to showcase their talent in verticals other than modelling as well. Through Sarakadam Stories, he has provided the opportunity for models to seize every opportunity to showcase their talent.


The schedule of the entire shoot was shot in a short span of 1 day. It is quite marvelous to wonder how these young kids performed like such professionals. The shoot lasted from 2am to 12pm where the young performers tirelessly performed every scene to its perfection. The Video stars K. Saketh Reddy, Syed Sharik Hashmi, Katkam Siddika and Shaik Naba Fathima. These little ones play the pairs casted in the video. It is impossible to spot exhaustion on the faces of these young actors. It was their endless energy and enthusiasm that made the shoot a fun-filled expression.


This shoot was conducted while spanning 4 exotic locations. The scenic beauty of these locations has been beautifully captured in this video. This video has been made with the effort of the Sarakadam Stories team. With an innovative approach, Shiva Ram has directed and successfully created this video. The breathtaking cinematography is credited to K. Chaitanya who successfully executed the idea of the cover song.


An overall thrilling experience, this shoot was nothing short of an adventure for the young performers and the Sarakadam Stories team. Not due to one reason, but the combined and focused efforts of every individual involved. The kids’ dedication, talent and brilliant performance must be especially applauded. After all, big things do come in small packages and these little ones have managed to steal hearts with their adorable performance!

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