ONLY NENU- A drive through thrill and suspense!

ONLY NENU- A drive through thrill and suspense!

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Inspired from true events, Only Nenu is a feature film that is based on a scam that had occurred in India. The trilingual film will be made in Telugu, Hindi and English. The title of the Telugu version will be Only Nenu, while the Hindi and English movie titles will be Maanjha and Checkmate respectively. A classic thriller that is being created with cinematic liberty, it takes viewers on a drive through thrill and suspense. It revolves around the story of how a 500crore scam that occurs at a reputed organization, Matrix. This movie is all set to steal the thunder in the movie making world and carve a niche for itself in the film industry.

A thrilling rollercoaster ride!


The film portrays a reputed National Company, Matrix and the people in and around it. Rocked by a 500crore scam, the employees and its associates come are the primary suspects. As the story unfolds, the audience will experience a thrilling rollercoaster ride to discover who the criminal is. The suspense and thrill in the movie are an experience like never before! The unfolding of events and the journey to discover the mastermind behind the scandal will keep the audience on the edge of their seat. The film has a unique flavor to it and its emotional connect is guaranteed to stir hearts and leave an everlasting impression on viewers.

Dream Team!


The team comprises of a group of devoted and inspired film professionals who have united to create this film. The dream team comprises of renowned Music Director, S.K. Balachandran who is contributing with his expert and skilled music insight. The story of the film has been written by Srinivas Sarakadam who writes unique conceptual stories that have never been created before. Having worked for over 5 films, Cinematographer Praveen K. Voleti is introducing new techniques in this film. Editor and colourist, Y. Ramu has been contributing since the very beginning of the project and enhancing the vision of the director. Focused and dedicated director, Vighnesh K with his innovative approach to filmmaking is the initiator and driving force of this project. Aspiring to enhance the current standards of story plots and filmmaking, this team is working hard to create a work of art that will be in a league of its own.

Dream Project!

Dear to their hearts, Only Nenu is a dream project for every member involved. Right from the start, the team was well aware of the fact that their dream for this movie was a big one. Through this movie, the team hopes to impact the film industry and enhance the standards of filmmaking with innovative story plots.


This movie empowers women and the genius in them while ensuring that every age group can connect to the film on a personal level. Hoping to create a film that enhances the standards of flourishing cinema, every member involved is putting in their heart and soul to successfully achieve this dream.

Strong applause!

The show reel of the film has received a strong applause from the media and film industry experts at the Telangana Film Chamber! Backing this project are the likes of Hari Krishna Mamidi, Kasi Viswanath and Veerabhadram Chowdary.


Hari Krishna Mamidi, the Director of the Department of Language and Culture, Government of Telangana is quite pleased with how the project is turning out. Popular director, Veerabadhram Chowdary has praised the show reel and is optimistic about the film’s performance. Blown away by the cinematography and screenplay, he believes this film will create a huge impact on the cinematography of Indian cinema. Impressed with the concept of the film, renowned actor and director, Kasi Viswanath believes this film is here to leave a mark!

League of its own!

A film like no other, Only Nenu is in a league of its own. With a never thought of concept, brilliant cinematography and screenplay, the show reel is stirring curiosity and capturing hearts. The movie is certain to create a bigger impact and make room for itself in the movie world. Destined to carve a niche, this film is one nobody would want to miss out on!


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