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The recurring rape of little kids in India is nothing short of heartbreaking and devastating. This brutal and cowardly crime is now targeting young lives and it is extremely crucial to voice our emotions and bring about an immediate change. Vennela is a Short Film based on the true story of Asifa, the 8-year-old who was brutally raped and murdered in Kashmir. This short film has been created with the intention to send a strong message to the Indian Government and the people of this nation.

Based on brutal rape and killing cases of kids, Vennela is inspired by true events and is presented by Sarakadam Stories. Mr. Sivaram Kunuku is the director for this Short film. The rape and murder of the young child in Kashmir is not the sole case of this kind. There have been many such cases and attempts to brutally ruin the innocence of kids. Rape in itself is a heinous crime and should be dealt with severity and seriousness.

While the teaser is exciting it manages to spark a nerve and incite a feeling of righteousness. Shot with over 26 characters, the climax involves the efforts of over 150 people displaying their emotions against this crime. Every artist in this short film has solely stepped forward to set an example and send out a strong message to the people.

An overwhelming ride of emotions, this short film has been shot in Amalapuram. The scenic beauty of the short film spans villages, lakes and even graveyards. The artist even forayed into the Korangi forest to conduct the fight scene.

The cast and crew of the short film involved several professionals who were intrigued with the concept of this short film and stepped forward to send out a strong message against this crime. The entire team stayed in a small shelter where there were no basic amenities. The villagers provided complete support and provided assistance in successfully completing the shoot.

The artist, who plays the role of Vennela’s mother, Jyoti is an established film professional having starred in over 4 films. She has worked tirelessly hoping to impact and send out a message against this crime. The little kid who played Vennela is an aspiring actor who has done justice to the purity and innocence of the character. Her parents have supported her and believe they would be honored if their daughter would be influential in creating a change and putting an end to such acts of cowardice. The artist who played the role of the Pujari, Gangadhar is well-known in the village and completely supported and helped the cast and crew in successfully conducting the shoot. Karthik, the actor who plays the part of the lunatic was so inspired by the concept that he put his own effort to reach the location and gave it his all to conduct this shoot successfully with the sole purpose of raising awareness. Mahesh, the man behind the villain of the short film is a drama director who went out of his way to arrange 20 artists to ensure the short film creates the expected outcome.

Inspired to make a change, the cast and crew involved in the film gave it their all and are now hoping to carve a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of the Indian Government and its people.

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