VENNELA- A short film based on rape and its brutality

VENNELA- A short film based on rape and its brutality

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Rape and brutality! India is no stranger to this heinous crime. A crime so monstrous and shocking doesn’t spare anyone. Even the smallest of hands and the oldest of minds is a target of rape and its brutality. This dreadful act of shame has been knocking on the doors of young girls and there is nothing we can do as a Nation, but to hang our heads in shame.



Vennela is a Short Film based on the heartbreaking rape and murder of 8 year old Asifa in Kashmir. Devastated by the brutality of this crime, the team of Sarakadam Stories has taken up the initiative to send out a strong message against it to the Indian Government and its people. We hope to shine a light on this issue and offer an alternative to empower young girls and put an end to this crime.


In India, any attempt to brutally rape and murder young kids is often met with outrage, but the significance of the matter is often lost within the walls of jails and courts. With the prolonged delay of justice, the power of an effective end to this crime is a distant dream. The family of the victim is clueless and left awaiting justice for their young child. The family first faces this grieve situation and then must bear with the torture of courts and delayed justice. With the loss of a loved one in such a brutal manner, the loss is compensated with money offered by the government.


While young girls and women are subjected to this dreadful crime on a regular basis, will we as a Nation ever find a way to overcome this and put an end to it? Through Vennela, we have attempted to offer an alternative perspective to dealing with this crime. While the government offers money to the family of the victim, the loss often remains. Inspired by true events, Vennela is directed by Sivaram Kunuku with an attempt to depict how the government and its people can save innocent young lives and build their future. Sparked by the severity of these crimes, the Sarakadam Stories stepped up to take a firm a stand against it and set the right example for its viewers. Hoping to offer an alternative approach to the manner in which this horrid crime is dealt with, we have depicted how the government can play a very crucial role in the empowerment of young girls.


With the nerve to put an end to these crimes, this short film sends out a crucial message to the people. With over 26 characters in this short film, several artists have stepped up to set an example through this medium. Shot in the picturesque beauty of Korangi forest and Amalapuram, the short film manages to captivate the audience and leave an everlasting impact.


Vennela is an effort by the team of Sarakadam Stories to bring a change in the current situation, scenario and system of dealing with rapes in India. Hoping to put an end to this devastating crime, this short film wishes to empower young girls and ensure a bright future for them. Irresistible and inspiring, this short film is sure to leave an overwhelming and everlasting impact on viewers. Embark with us on this journey against rape and extend your support. Please check out our short film, Vennela!


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